Water Sports

Water Sports Activities

We are excited to announce this new addition coming to our kennel in 2019! We have built a 40’ competition style dock and installed a dive pool just for you and your dog! We will offer a variety of opportunities to ensure we a flexible enough for as involved as you and your four-legged friend desires. We will be working hard over the course of a year to develop a competitive dock dive team as well as expand on our water rehabilitation programs.

Dock Add On ($125.00 Per Month)

This program is customized so that any dog who is already signed up for any of our inboard courses can register for weekend sessions at the dock pool. Your dog will be taught the basic functions of the pool as well as how to navigate the dock and exit ramps. It is an additional program added to an existing training program while your dog is here at Altamaha Canine.

In Board Dive Training ($800.00 Per Month)

This program is designed as an inboard program where your dog will receive extensive training on the dock 5 days a week, preparing him or her for a lifetime of fun either in competition or leisure swim. This is the perfect program to kick start your dog’s diving career.

Monthly Dock Membership ($50.00 per month or $500.00 Annual)

Once we have taught your dog the basics of how to navigate the dock and exit the pool, continue your training with a Dock Membership. This allows you and your dog to come 3 days a week and practice your distance or elevation!

Rehabilitation ($1100.00 For 8 Sessions)

Our swim instructors are also Certified Veterianry Assistance with training in rehabilitation. We will work closely with you or your referring veterinary facility to ensure a proper rehabilitation program is designed specifically for your pets needs. This is not limited to water rehabilitation.


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