Owner/senior trainer

Jacob has been involved in dogs and dog sports dating back to the year 2000. He started with training his golden retriever, Sid, to become a Search and Rescue K-9 and later traveled all over the lower United States assisting many agencies in locating lost and missing people. He served an extended tenure as the Vice President for Dogs South K-9 Search and Rescue Inc and was, at the time, the youngest K-9 Search Team licensed by the Georgia Emergency Management Agency and Offices of Homeland Security. His search dogs have been featured on episodes of Montel Williams, Nancy Grace and News Networks across the country. Jacob has served a term on the National Search Dog Alliance board, representing the Eastern Seaboard in the development of national certification for search and rescue dogs and has certified dogs in accordance with not only their standards but as well as the National Narcotics Detector Dog Association. He is a former member of the Eastern States Working Dog Association as well as the National Association of Professional Canine Handlers and is a current member of The Association of Professional Dog Trainers. Jacob attended the US K-9 Academy in Miami, FL where he completed his instructor’s certification for dog training with specialties in detector dog work. While in Miami he assisted Miami Dade County, US Marshalls, DEA and City of Miami in training explosives detection and narcotics detection canines.

While in his early years he devoted most of his time to working dogs, his love for companion animals never wavered. Jacob spent 16 years working in the animal health field helping ensure pet parents a long healthy happy life with their four legged family members. While in college, Jacob would teach weekend obedience sessions in group fashion and the community’s response grew year over year. He became known as “the dog guy” and a day did not go by that someone wasn’t calling or questioning issues they were having with their pet. He knew that the area needed something different to allow people the option to have more control of their pet and group sessions weren’t the answer. In 2007 he built a small inboard facility and began taking pets in for training. The response was huge and since that date Altamaha Canine Consulting LLC has gone through approximately four renovations to accommodate more dogs. In the winter of 2018, the economy had an up turn and more people than ever were reaching for ACC’s services. Jacob knew it was time to bring on an additional trainer and more services. The area was asking for a splash pool and with 40 acres attached to the kennel, he said “WHY NOT!!!”.  In July of 2020 Jacob took over ownership of The Pack Canine Studio on St Simons Island to expand into boarding, grooming and day care needs as well as to develop companion animal programs for the people and pets of SSI.  

Jacob attributes his success to the growing need for society to respectfully interact with mans best friend. He has received accomplishments from MOFA Global in canine reproduction as well as a licensed field judge for the Hunting Retriever Club of America. He has served as president of the Coastal Empire Hunting Retriever Club based out of Savannah Georgia, is the Founder of the Altamaha Retriever Club Inc. and the President for Ducks Unlimited’ s Altamaha Chapter. He has devoted every aspect of his life to dogs and the way they interact with humans. His goals are to continue to grow, learn and ensure everything done is to strengthen the human and animal bond.  

Kylee Hughes

Associate Trainer

From a young age many will say it was clear to see that Kylee had a special way with animals of all kinds. Raised in rural South Georgia on a small family farm her passion and talents flourished. If you couldn't find Kylee, there was a good chance she was in the barn, in the field with a horse or in the woods with bluetick figuring out a better way to communicate with her animals. Many would say she was quiet and reserved but was always up for an adventure and a challenge. These characteristics would become key in the way she handled her animals. It wasn't uncommon to find her fast asleep worn out in a barn alley with an obnoxious ram sleeping beside her, or in a stall sitting with an abused stallion because she wanted him to know that it was okay to trust again. You could almost say she was born in the saddle and as she grew horses became a huge part of her life. Volunteering alongside her mom with the Georgia Department of Agriculture there was never a shortage of troubled horses and her skills and natural talent began to blossom even more. Trail rides and play days earning walls full of ribbons led to rodeo and competitive barrel racing earning paychecks at young age. She was a natural and was soon recruited as an exercise jockey for several talented trainers. She became a sponge, never missing an opportunity to learn more and soak up the knowledge of those willing to invest their time with her. The variety of horses she was able to jockey allowed her to become more than just a better rider. She was building her skill set and was learning to recognize personality traits and adjust her communication and training skills to overcome obstacles and bring out the best in each animal she worked with. Restoring trust, earning respect, building confidence and bridging communication gaps became a part of who she was. She applied these skills in her own life and began setting steep goals and pushing toward them. She was never afraid to step out and try something new or go in a different direction when she hit a roadblock. Her compassion and determination to overcome led her right to a dog that fell perfectly in place with her life. Cooper a young pit-bull. Not the normal companion for a horse girl but a great one none the less. She wanted him to be excellent and versatile. She wanted to show the fun-loving talented side of the breed. She wanted a quiet watch‐ full partner for hauling on the road with her horses, a relaxed companion around the house and fun-loving adventurous pooch. So, she raised him and trained him to be just that. This is when she discovered dock diving and decided to add it to their game. Kylee is continuing her education with CVA certification and college while competing and growing her equine breeding programs. She is excited to expand and apply her skill set assisting others and their pets whether for companionship or competition. She finds joy in helping others overcome the barriers that may keep them from finding the best in their animal owner relationships.


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