Our Story

At age 15 Jacob and Sid joined a local K-9 Search and Rescue team and began training to help find lost and missing people. While it started out as an after school activity it quickly turned into a full time job. Jacob and Sid became the youngest K-9 Search and Rescue Team resource for the Georgia Emergency Management Agency and Offices of Homeland Security. In spare time Jacob would hold short weekend obedience training seminars and often consult with people in regards to behavior and how to best rectify it through training. After high school Jacob took interest in scent work and traveled down to Miami, FL to do a working internship and instructor certification with US K-9 Academy. After training Bomb Dogs and Narcotics Dogs for several years the winds shifted as he took interest in upland game and waterfowl hunting. Starting with just a few young dogs now Jacob has many labs competing at all stakes in hunting retriever tests. Jacob has been an advocate of the human- animal bond for many years now. He has evaluated over 75 dogs for the American Kennel Clubs Canine Good Citizen Program and has had over 300 dogs come through training programs of some sort since 2000. From therapy dogs to pointers to search and rescue dogs to retrievers, Jacob has experienced it at all. In 2004 he began working as a veterinary Assistant for a local Animal Hospital in his hometown where he has been able to work face to face with clients in regards to behavior and training. Jacob doesn't consider himself a professional because when asked he says " Once you consider yourself a professional you stop learning. I have had pleasure to meeting some greats in this industry and the one thing they have all told me was that when you stop learning new methods you are no longer a dog trainer. One thing I live by is train the dog not the program, each dog is different and what works for one may not work for the other. I am not afraid to reach out for help, I have many friends in the industry." Sid passed away in 2013 and left behind a young trainer with more to offer. Jacob attributes his success to his family for allowing him to have pets, his colleges in the field that have shared methods and ultimately Sid.


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