Altamaha Canine Consulting LLC has partnered with two of the leading animal healthcare companies in the world to provide monthly preventative care for both ectoparasites and internal parasites.  

Virbac Animal Health’s Sentinal Spectrum’s Soft Chew is a flavored chew that prevents against Hookworms, Whipworms, Roundworms, Tapeworms and Heartworms through once monthly dosing.

Zoetis Animal Health’s Simpirica tablet is a flavored chew-able that when given monthly, prevents fleas and tick also eliminating risks of Lyme disease.

We require every pet in our program to be on some form of preventative medicine to cover all the above listed parasites. We have found that these two chews, when given together, can be the most effective method for ensuring our clients pets are protected from everything possible.

We work closely with Dr. Hope, Field Services veterinarian for Virbac as well as Dr. Lane, Field Services veterinarian for Zoetis to ensure our protocols are accurate and exceeds industry standards.


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