Retriever Program

Our retriever dog program is a 12-16-week program that puts your field companion to the test. We will teach your dog how to fetch on command, hold and deliver to hand as well as introduce them to hunting scenarios such as dove hunting on a bucket, timber hunting from a platform as well as layout blinds and dog blinds for Arkansas rice field hunting. This program incorporates live birds as well as dead birds, single and multiple marks as well as water marks, land marks and land water combination marks. We use real shotguns in training so that we can expose these animals to everything they will see in the field. Prior to enrolling in our gun dog program your retriever will first need to know advanced level obedience or have completed our basic training program.

Program Length

12-16 weeks


$700.00 per month, includes training and boarding fees, preventative medicines as well as nutrition. (birds are additional expense)


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