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Our Vision

Since 2000, we have strived to help owner and their pets live happier and healthier lives togather. From the companion pet to the working dog, we strive to help our clients build upon the natural attributes their dog posses as well as design a curriculum that is realistic to allow them to reach their maximum potential.

Dating back 15,000 years ago, Dogs have been recognized as “Mans Best Friend” and here at Altamaha Canine Consulting, we believe that through our structured environment and curriculum, we can allow our clients the ultimate experience in dog ownership.

Through our breeding programs, we hold our standards high and ensure we maximize genetic screening to its fullest extent. Our brood stock is evaluated in accordance with the OFA Chic standards and have full health screenings bi annually.

Our puppies are whelped and weaned in our training facility, allowing for daily stimulation, socialization and environmental skills. Our puppies develop into well rounded dogs with skills far beyond puppies with less motor sensory stimulation.

Here at Altamaha Canine Consulting, one thing is for certain…We love dogs and we are passionate about that. If you don’t believe us, Come visit a while!!




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