Continuing Education : The Reintroduction


So you have picked up your dog from the trainer and you are so excited to "test drive" your new and improved faithful companion. He should be perfect right? I mean you just spent all that money and sent him off to college. He should be like a dog genius or something right?


We as trainers get the opportunity to peel your companion apart like an onion and work on layers of issues over the multiple weeks we have them and use multiple tricks of the trade to help with some of those attributes that require changing to better fit in to their humans lifestyle.

As you watch the trainers demonstrate your new dog your excitement builds as you get ready...

The Shocking (haha) Reality Behind E-Collar Conditioning



The above sounds horrible right? Who in their right mind would want to use one of!!these on their pet? Other trainers (Who have never used or learned about remote collars) are scared to talk about them because they do not understand them. They say "If you have to use electricity to train your dog then your not a true dog trainer!" WELL……..that's not an accurate statement at all… Lets break it apart and talk about it!

Just because a trainer uses remote collars does not mean that that trainers skips all of the leash work and standard basic fundamentals of training. What most ...



When we begin with a new dog's training at the camp, we always want to take the approach of being their best friend. The first day they arrive at the kennel can be a very emotional day. Mom and Dad are nervous and unsure what to expect, all the other dogs are barking and who knows what they are saying to each other. The last thing we want to do is add to that already very stressful situation. We start out by walking the dog around the property giving him or her a good approach to all external stress-rs that may be affecting them. Each dog reacts differently as some could care less and some are very timid in nature. After the dog is walking erect and tail wagging we approach the kennel and...

In-Board Training.....PERKS??


"Obedient Dogs Make Enjoyable Lives"

If you have ever owned dog, at some point you have considered getting help with trying to better communicate to it. You may have reached out to a friend who has an obedient pet or a trainer for advise or maybe you have even entertained a group session or had a private session with someone to discuss issues you are having. One option aside from the others would be an In-Board training program.

We know, We know…..How could you possibly leave your baby for an extended period of time?… What would they think of you just leaving them with a stranger?….how will they sleep at night?

These are all the emotions that run through any NORMAL dog ow...

Family Traditions

Family Traditions – Lifetimes Apart


Since the age of about 6 years old I have had a strong love for animals. I grew up on my granny and papas pig farm where I learned the responsibility of how to care for animals. They needed us, and we needed them. Many days I played all over that farm often climbing an old Catawba worm tree to collect fish bait, you see the tree was located behind an old dog kennel of which never had a dog in it that I can remember. In the living room of the old farm house hung a picture of a man and a dog in a field. I asked granny who that was once, and she said it was my papa and one of his favorite dogs. I asked her what were they doing and she replied, " bird...

Reinforcement VS. Punishment


I get a lot of phone calls about dog behavior and how to correct it, some of which includes punishment some includes reinforcement and most times people fail to understand the difference between the two so I wanted to take a short moment, especially with today’s world in dog training and the use of e collars and other pieces of training equipment out there to explain the difference between the two.

Reinforcement by definition is: the action of strengthening or encouraging something

Under the guise of this there is both Positive (which is the only one some people think of) and Negative
For example, a Positive Reinforcement would be the issuance of a treat after sitting on command. Now we...


Ecollar training - pressure on / pressure off

Uploaded by Jacob Weaver on 2016-10-21.

E-Collar's, one of the most controversial tools in the trainer’s tool box, E-Collars can be very beneficial when used the correct way and can be very destructive when not used the correct way. E-Collars allow us as trainers the ability to reward both positive and negative for commands without our body being part of the influence. We can allow the dog to get a correction from the point of mistake rather than from us. This can help the dog see things a little more black and white. When corrections always come from manual training equipment, dogs can get into bad habits this way with really no way to cor...

Get Out Of The Dog House!

Did you know that life is much more enjoyable with a dog. Not just a - dog - but a trained companion. whether it be the field, the pasture, the house or

the beach, a dog with the ability to understand commands and focus on concepts is much better to be around than dogs that have no discipline. Like kids right? !!!- GET YOUR DOG OUT OF THE DOG HOUSE TODAY!!!!