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Hr Terlingua Cowboy Rowdy Yates

Pedigree for Terlingua Cowboy Rowdy Yates Dark Golden - MALE

Titles: HR OFA Elbows: Normal OFA Hips: Good CERF Clear EIC: Pending

Sire Lacrosse's Comeback Kid Jake Golden (05-05) AKC: SN87345601 OFA34E OFAEL25

Sire FC AFC OTCH Topbrass Ascending Elijah Golden (11-97) AKC: SN26327408 OFA32G OFEL32 DNA# V60685

Sire Wraith's Duncan MH LT.Golden (09-88) AKC: SE328621 OFA24 DNA# V330243

Dam Hillviews Ready To Smoke DK Golden (06-94) AKC: SM96494605 OFA26F

Dam Redstar's 'Tess' of Lacrosse MH DK Golden (05-99) AKC: SN22320101 OFA24G

Sire AFC Glenhaven Devil's Advocate UD TD MH DK Golden (06-90) AKC: SE217221 OFA31G

Dam Topbrass Mioaks Bingo MH Golden (05-92) AKC: SF509776 OFA24G

Dam SHR Duso's Supercharged Shelby MH Golden (06-07) AKC: SR01733307 OFA25G OFEL25 UKC:R159-462 Degrees: HC2 HR1

Sire AFC Rosehill's Mr Speaker HM Golden (01-97) AKC: SN14124108 OFA24E DNA# V31862 UKC: R143-114 Degrees: URO12 HR11 CD3 ST11 OC1 HC11 CDX4 UH4 UD

Sire AFC Mioak's Rain Check Golden (09-90) AKC: SE973462 OFA31G DNA# V115358

Dam Otay's Sunny Summer JH Golden (05-94) AKC: SF562039

Dam Choctaw Magnum Maggie MH Golden (11-00) AKC: SN23046303 OFA62F OFEL28

Sire AFC Topbrass Super Trooper Golden (04-88) AKC: SE693630 OFA26E

Dam Redfield Duce Coupe Golden (02-93) AKC: SF761217 OFA33G

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