HRCH Altamaha’s Take’Em Huntin Lucille MH

Call name: Lucy
Gender: Female
Color: BLK
coat Genotype: Black - Hidden Yellow and Choc - EeBb
Whelp Date: 8/26/2012
Owner: Jacob Weaver

OFA Hips: LR-210637G24F-VPI (GOOD)
OFA Elbow: LR-EL64549F24-VPI (NORMAL)
UKC Reg: R235-947
AKC reg: SR74351305
AKC DNA: V721582
Cardiac: LR-CA7144/17F/P-VPI (NORMAL)

Lucy is a South Georgia grown black lab with lines that runfrom FC Low Country Drake and 2XNAFC 2XCNAFC FC CFC Ebon Star Lean Mac. She achieved her started title with the UKC just shy of1-year-old, her seasoned title just before her 2nd birthday and herfinished title before her 3rd birthday. She also holds a Master Hunting Retriever Title with the AKC. Lucy is an easy going dog that cares more about hunting than testing. She knowshow to get the job done at the line but she would rather be on the couch or in the duck blind. A true definition of a gentlemen’s dog and a pleasure to hunt with. Calm, cool and collective with the ability to mark multiples as well as run long blinds. Hunting in Stuttgartrice fields in 2015 a quad of teal was shot down in front of her and rained in about 90 decoys over a 40-yard area. Lucy picked up all 4 birds with no question all the while marking a speckle belly that was sailing down in a retention pond behind us, it was truly amazing to watch her skill. Lucy has been bred to SRS QAA Rice Breaks Burning Dinosaur Bones MNH – Diesel of Mossy Pond Retrievers producing a pup named JET who is currently competing in Dock Dive events and doing so with great success. She was later bred to GRHRCH SRS QAA Riptides Ragin Red Bull Sprig MH –Sprig of Top Line Retrievers producing pups that are currently in competition training at both Mossy Pond Retrievers and with Okatie River Retrievers. In 2016 she was bred to QAA MH SRS Princetons True Grit - Duke handled by Lee Howard of MPR producing a fine litter of hunting retrievers that made their homes in to duck hunting families across the lower southeast. We look forward to the prodigy as Lucy continues her career as a hunting dog here with us at ACC.



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