HRCH Altamaha's Take Em' Huntin Lucille

Lucy is our little fireball. At age 14 months Lucy earned her SHR title from HRC and by age 20 months she achieved her HR title. She is bred from hunting lines with several master hunters and seasoned hunt champions in her pedigree. Her sire is competing in the UKC finished category at this time and her dam is titled in the seasoned category. She has been handled by Justin Beal of Swamp Creek Retrievers as well as her owner. She is a fast learner and steady to wing and shot. She has a complete list of OFA Clearances earining her CHIC certification from OFFA.


Boo is a very loveable dog. She is currently competing in the United Kennel Clubs Hunting Retriever Clubs hunt test programs. She is a seasoned level hunter.


Tara is high drive pup out of Tarbaby’s Bobo, Bobo needs no introduction when it comes to hunt tests and Super Retriever Series events.

SHR Team Fowl Play's Ella Enchanted

Ella is one of the best gundogs we have ever had here at ACC. She has a strong desire to bring the bird back. She is steady to wing and shot. Ella competed early in life to achieve SHR title with the HRC before landing her life as a full time sundog. During hunting season you can find Ella up next to a tupelo tree awaiting wood ducks to drop down in the swamps of the Altamaha River. She is a pleasure to hunt with and an excellent definition of a conservation tool for picking up your birds. Ella has been bred to 3XGRHRCH, MNH, SRS Oak Point's Traveling Man - MASON.


All of our puppies are put through the Bio Sensor Program. We offer discounts to working homes that qualify. We also offer discounts on your second dog if you title or certify your first one. We love to hear back from our dogs once they have gone to their forever homes. Frequently check back to see our upcomming litters. Our pups have gone to law enforcement and rescue agencies as well as hunt test and working homes all over the United States with lots of positive feedback.


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