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Wayden's Duke Of Cadbury

Pedigree for Wayden's Duke of Cadbury

CHLT 08-22-2013
AKC: SR79054109

Sire Ashland's Prince of Pinetops Razz MH AKC: SR60520508 (03-13) OFA24F OFEL24 CHLT

Sire FC AFC Rebel Ridge Cosmic Rise'n Fall MH AKC: SR43473602 (12-09) OFEL35 CHLT

Sire FC Running With the Devil AKC: SN67150204 (02-02)OFA24G BLK DNA#V174119

Dam Rebel Ridge Jimmy A Chance AKC: SN92233601 (02-06) OFA25G OFEL25 BLK

Dam Tolbert's Sophie AKC:19210104 (02-07) CHLT

Sire GRHRCH Bluegoose's Quik On the Trig'r MH AKC: SN60175701 (09-00) OFA24G CHLT DNA# V363529

Dam Howdy's Diamon In The Rough AKC: SR00054501 (09-03) OFA27E OFEL27 CHLT

Dam Roux's Abbey Rain AKC: SR45578712 (11-13) CHLT

Sire Roux's Knox Langen AKC: SR35057704 (01-08) OFA71G CHLT DNA# V652730

Sire 3X GRHRCH Dakota's Cajun Roux MH AKC: SR02176707 (06-05) OFA24G CHLT DNA# V321907

Dam Gator Point's Gander Lisa AKC: SN83460103 (11-04) CHLT OFA32G

Dam Candler's Samantha Belle AKC: SR19928805 (05-06) YLW

Sire Major Mack Parker AKC: SR06701409 (12-04) YLW DNA# V392205

Dam G-Money's Molly AKC: SN67806503 (05-03) YLW

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