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This discipline is offered as in board training only.
Human Remains:

Our cadaver dog program will enable your dog to detect the presence of human remains. Dogs will be trained to locate both tissue, blood and bones. Dogs can be trained in one or all of the following; land, water or disaster detection. All dogs must start off with land detection and may be transitioned to disaster and water after completion. This course is an extended course and is available for split sessions to help meet the handler’s needs. All handlers attending this course must be up to date on hepatitis series as well as tetanus vaccinations. The length of this program will vary depending on dog’s progression. It is an approximately 16 week program to cover the basics of odor detection and begin real world scenario training. Water and disaster training will add to length of program.

*Dog must be evaluated prior to detection courses.

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All detection dog courses come with free follow up training as well as in house class on handling and storing training aids as well as record keeping.


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