In-Board Training.....PERKS??


"Obedient Dogs Make Enjoyable Lives"

If you have ever owned dog, at some point you have considered getting help with trying to better communicate to it. You may have reached out to a friend who has an obedient pet or a trainer for advise or maybe you have even entertained a group session or had a private session with someone to discuss issues you are having. One option aside from the others would be an In-Board training program.

We know, We know…..How could you possibly leave your baby for an extended period of time?… What would they think of you just leaving them with a stranger?….how will they sleep at night?

These are all the emotions that run through any NORMAL dog owners head if you truly love your dog. The fact of the matter is that In-Board trainers are well rehearsed in dealing with this variety of emotion and we expect to have to answer all of your questions. One thing to keep in mind is while this is the first time you are entertaining this type of discussion, this is likely the 5th time that the trainer has discussed it…TODAY LOL. Think of it as a camp mentality. When the kid goes off to camp they miss their mom and dad night one but by day two there are so many activities, so many other kids to play with and mind engaging things to do that they quickly forget and Monday becomes Friday and camp is over. Its much worse on the parents than it is on the kids. The benefits of In-Board training far out way the risks. Yes, you will leave your dog in the care of someone else however they are likely to have as much or more knowledge of animal healthy and safety than even yourself. By dealing with a variety of breeds and a variety of internal issues, this type of trainer is likely to offer your pet MUCH MUCH more than a hour private or group session. It is easy to get frustrated with a dog and as an owner it is easy to give in or give up. Consistency is key and by handing over the leash to someone else who can stay steady to the course, the reward is almost always greater.

Now, if you have the time and desire to be a "do it yourself-er" then you can for sure tackle this as long as you can stay steady to the course and not give in. Its like dieting almost in a sense. The affordability of allowing an inboard center to do the work is that you do not have to be associated with deterrence strategies of some of the issues in which landed your dog in the need for training. Your dog is more responsive to a new person in regards to molding and changing behavior than he or she is to you. Remember that majority of the issues have been allowed to take place by you so you will have to work double time to undo what you have conditioned to be acceptable.

People often wonder if the trainer is going to "hurt" them. Lets talk reality for a moment about discipline. The need for discipline is literally present in every aspect of life. Self discipline to not put that second piece of cake in your mouth, the need for a child to say please and thank you, the need to stop at red lights and the list goes on. So why is it when we discuss discipline of a pet do we as pet owners hold our breath? Here is why….because we are living in a society that tells us that being obedient is a recommendation not an requirement. When we discuss obedience in regards to pets, not only is it to make them that perfect family pet who can attend family functions and day outings respectfully knowing their place, but its also for their safety. Animals are instinctive and they do not process things as humans do. You could never have the discussion with a child about it being not safe to walk in traffic but as they age they realize that cars are large enough to run them over and that the idea that its not good to walk into traffic becomes a natural behavior Its not the case with a pet, they do not grow up in 3-4 years and just "know that its not safe to run across the highway.

There are so many of emails, texts and phone calls per year that we receive, and almost every inboard trainer receives, thanking them because their dog almost stepped into a bad situations and because of their program, the dog responded appropriately and is alive today because it responded appropriately or the ones where owners can now take their pet with them to the beach or hiking and no longer have to leave them behind in kennel or at a boarding facility.

Here are some things to think about when you are considering training for your pet. Do you TRULY want your pet to behave at all costs so that you can enjoy them for what you originally acquired them for? If so then you must be willing to seek help from professionals that are in this arena. Of course you should check your trainers reviews, go see where your pet will be staying and ensure all of your questions are answered up front. Your dog is not the smartest dog your trainer will work with and to accept that is hard, but remember that your dog is not the worst your trainer has ever seen either and that should make you feel better. Staying steady to the course and understanding you will play apart of the follow through upon completion of any program is key. The ability to hand over the rope and say "here fix our problems" and the ability to say "now what do I need to do to ensure this works" are the two key phrases for success in any in-board program.

Some additional perks of this type of training are that for a period of time you can reconnect with the family, clean your house, spend more time not yelling at the dog or take that extended vacation or fishing trip. Also, you have an additional set of eyes that are seeing your pet in a non biased environment. Every year we pick up health issues with dogs that owners are blind to because they have no comparison. As professionals in this industry in board trainers notice the way your dog walks, the amount of tarter on your dogs teeth, its skin or ears along with personality issues such as fear of certain scenarios (scenarios likely it has never been exposed to from never being able to go anywhere before due to lack of obedience)
In closing, if you are considering a In-Board training program then the ask yourself one thing "Am I willing to trust someone else and stay steady to their plan" if you can say yes to that then you are READY!!!!

STAY PAWSOME and always remember from time to time to #GEOTOUTOFTHEDOGHOUSE


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