Ecollar training - pressure on / pressure off

Uploaded by Jacob Weaver on 2016-10-21.

E-Collar's, one of the most controversial tools in the trainer’s tool box, E-Collars can be very beneficial when used the correct way and can be very destructive when not used the correct way. E-Collars allow us as trainers the ability to reward both positive and negative for commands without our body being part of the influence. We can allow the dog to get a correction from the point of mistake rather than from us. This can help the dog see things a little more black and white. When corrections always come from manual training equipment, dogs can get into bad habits this way with really no way to correct when the correction is needed. See video below of Nala. She is doing a place / recall drill where we tell the dog what we want them to do and then we exhibit a constant stimulation of pressure via e collar to the dog until the command is followed through. She is a happy dog and you can tell that she does not require much at all.


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