The founder of Paws for a Better Life, Vincent Davis, has Type 1 Diabetes. It was while raising money to purchase his own Diabetic Alert Dog that he realized how difficult it was to raise money for the cause. In 2012 he had the idea to start an organization to do just that, help others secure a better life through the purchase of a Diabetic Alert Dog. So he set out to make it happen, and by 2014 Paws for a Better Life was founded and came to fruition.

The organization has already had success with several fundraisers, with plans for more in the future. The goal is to save lives and bring awareness through the Diabetic Alert Dog program. Diabetes affects millions of Americans each year and many become hospitalized due to complications which arise from monitoring the condition. We are striving to make a difference in the lives of Type 1 Diabetic patients in the united States.

President - Vincent H. Davis
Vice President – Samantha Crawford
Secretary/Treasure - Brandy Davis


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